about me
Came to this world in 1982. I've gone through my common childhood in Taiwan. Can't really tell when was the time I started thinking, my brain just started it's operating one day.
Gratefully, we're all growing up.
I got no prize or award on me.
Do my things, it's just me.
Here, me and myself as you can see.
Music, Basketball, Design, Photography, Interactive, Blue Sky and Softy white Clouds. I can't stop loving them.
demonwhite 西元一九八二來到這個世界,在台灣渡過了平凡的童年。幾乎忘了什麼時候開始會思考,有天腦袋就這樣開始動了。

逸仙國小>新民國中>成功高中>中國文化大學廣告系>to be continue...

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words & news
Nov, 13, 2007
Hey buys, I know it seems that I have been lazy these dayz. Actually, NO! It was a crazy quarter! And the good news is I am going to finish it! I'll update whatever I have later, so, please wait and SEE! was a journey full of pain & joy.
I am thinking about adding a section to share some music I love that what they bring me... well, keep checking me out!

June, 11, 2007
Spending time for my portfolio was a journey full of pain & joy.
At last, it came out online; it is not perfect, yet acceptable. I think you guys can catch the point though.
Enjoy it :)


Feb, 19, 2007
Our final exhibiton, the last night, the last shot. I stood alone and recorded the moment.
Do you guys remember?
We had tears and happyness, and we did it.

Unpredictable Life
Jan, 30, 2007
She might have been the only exception of female celebrities that I appreciate in Taiwan. This sorrow brough us not just the sadness, and also a moment to hold your step and think about the life...

Photos! Photos!
Dec, 29, 2006
I uploaded a chunk of photos to My Flickr. Go check it out before you take the next breath!

Nov, 28, 2006
Hey! Pictures of me! Interesting...

Nov, 24, 2006
There are 3 new covers above. They are about my friends
Here comes the winter break and a busy schedule.

Oct, 26, 2006
I uploaded few photos from Prague on flickr.
Life is crazy busy.

a Post .
Oct, 22, 2006
Check blogger (in Chinese), it's just some whispers.

Whispery Update .
Sep, 5, 2006
My blogger(in Chinese), Flickr and fotologue is on-line. They're under "About Me".
亂寫文字的部落格,亂拍照片的Flickr&fotologue。請找"About Me"。

Cover No.003!
Aug, 30, 2006
Reload your browser in case you can't see the "latest Cover"!

June, 30, 2006
We get our Chinito.com back! Back to the old URL!

July, 9, 2006
There's never a 100 percent......

June, 30, 2006
Almost done with it. And I got a new URL, plz check ur bookmark.

almost there...
June, 29, 2006
It's almost there, new face of my site. the flash above is still under construction. I can wait to see the final. Flash! Flash! more Flash!

another Begining
June, 29, 2006
It's about time to move on, step by step. Look forward for the unknown journey .

Once I was young?
USA documentation It should be the very first time i went to U.S.A. since I am grown, and everything every breath is so freash for me.
Stupid work. Just a record for myself. You can always get some thoughts from your past.